Anatomy of the Giant Pacific Octopus

Project Title: Anatomy of the giant Pacific octopus

Start Date: 2020

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Scott Echols and working to find a lead researcher

Contributing Researchers:  Dr. Tres Clarke

Project Purpose: To define and publish the anatomy of the giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini).  At current time, there is minimal information on octopus anatomy save a few publications. These incredible animals are kept in aquariums with little information of their basic anatomy.

Funding Needed:  $2,716.50

Special Notes: One full grown giant Pacific octopus is currently entered into the study. We will consider adding more pending research interest.  Our team was able to successfully perfuse and highlight the vascular system on the first effort.

Publications Produced: Not at this time.

Giant P Octopus Composite