Every once-in-awhile a resource comes along that is significant enough that it should be widely available and considered an invaluable tool for many reasons—Companion Bird Care Series: Volume III is one of those.

 This high-quality DVD covers essential information that anyone considering purchasing a companion bird or currently has one and should be a part of any bird-lover’s library. The topics, Specialty Bird Pet Stores, Obtaining Birds from Corporate Pet Stores, Grooming Pet Birds, and DNA Sexing and Identification are presented clearly from respected avian veterinarians with attention to detail and insight—the topics are presented concisely and explanations are given. I would love to see any and every one considering purchasing a companion bird view this DVD and then make an educated purchase based upon the information given. 

This is one resource that in my opinion every public library, every bird store, and any bird-lover should have on their shelf. 

—Robert Sacha, bird owner and enthusiast

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One Response to “Review Vol III: ‘…every public library, every bird store, and any bird-lover should have on their shelf.’”

  1. Sheryl Tobler

    I’ve watched the DVD a few times today. I think this DVD is a valuable tool when getting a feathered friend. The quality of the video is stellar. It was easy to understand and very detailed. I like that you showed what things looked like. For example, the toenail trimming and the beaks where great, as well as some injuries when clipping wings, etc…it allowed the average person to see what exactly to do or not to do. I also thought that “the pet store” piece was very informative. In this day and age it is mostly large pet stores (at least here anyways) and it is always a good idea to know what to look for.

    Overall, I think this DVD is of great quality. As well, I think it is an important learning tool. Everyone thinking about getting a bird should watch this. Thank you, as I also learned a thing or two. Closing I would like to say that as I watched this…my three handsome ducks watched…they absolutely loved the different birds.

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