This is an excellent quality video that contains valuable information for bird enthusiasts.

The first two sections of the video deal with obtaining birds/bird supplies from pet stores, whether private or corporate, and the selection process that should be utilized when choosing where to spend your money. I felt that the videos were realistic in their scope, and contained a plethora of useful, detailed recommendations for consumers.

The section on grooming pet birds did a great job of describing the different thought processes and tools that go into these necessary procedures. The video clearly explains how the mechanics of flight and the individual bird’s flying abilities should be taken into consideration prior to performing a wing trim. It also deals with some of the misconceptions surrounding bird grooming, and presents its information accurately and concisely.

The DVD concludes with a presentation on how DNA sexing and identification works. Although this tool is used on a daily basis by bird fanciers, it is often poorly understood. This short video explains the scientific process of DNA analysis in everyday terminology and explains its value to the bird owning community.

Overall, the video was well paced, with great quality graphics. The individuals who contributed to this film are well-known experts in their fields. As an avian veterinarian, I strongly recommend this film to current and future pet bird owners.

Alicia McLaughlin, DVM

Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine

Bothell, WA

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