I received the DVD today and watched it first thing in the morning.

It is an informative DVD and this also pushes me to buy the previous two DVD’s of the series.

The titles and the chapter presentations were excellent. I loved the pictures of the different birds at the start of every chapter. And also the different
“feathered stars” in the DVD’s.

I think it is very important to educate potential pet bird owners about the purchase of a bird and most importantly bird safe products. In India, we do not have bird specialty stores. Ours is the only clinic that offers purely exotic animal and bird treatments and I will definitely try and incorporate the write ups etc more religiously in my protocol. I think I will recommend this DVD and all the others in your series to clients so that they can make a better choice about getting birds as pets.

As regards the grooming of pet birds, I think it is vital towards the well-being of the bird and Dr Hess has put it aptly. I see a lot of “traders” leave the 2 primaries and I have seen them snapping when the bird gets excited and flaps thus breaking them from the base of the feather causing a lot of pain and feather destructive behavior. I would have however, liked a small mention on how to go about bathing birds esp “greys” which are scared of water. I’m sorry if you have mentioned it in another DVD I will check that.

Pet bird owners in India do not understand why they pay so much for DNA sexing and I think the DNA video explains everything so aptly and how specialized all this is!


I had to pause the DVD to read the credits (I think they were a little too fast).  When I did pause the video, there was a message that said the DVD is
unreadable in your part of the world :). It did however start once I ejected it and put it in again. I need to check if it will play on my DVD. I will get back to you about that. I wonder if there is other software that needs to be installed for the global community.


Thanks again for letting me have a look at the video. I feel privileged. I would like to place an order for your previous DVD’s so I can keep it at my


Shiwani Tandel, B.V.Sc, M.V.Sc (Bird Doctor), Phoenix Veterinary Specialty,
Mumbai, India

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  1. spotdvm

    Dr Tandel, thank you for your review! You are right, the DVD did not cover bathing in specific bird species. So I will cover the topic here.

    In general, birds enjoy bathing in some form. This may include bathing with water, dust, and other substrates. Obviously, water bathing is most acceptable for pet birds.

    While some species are less comfortable with water bathing, such as African grey parrots, a bird’s acceptance of bathing is variable and in part depends on what it was exposed to when young. You can train a bird to accept water bathing using positive reinforcement training and making the event safe and fun. However, I do not recommend forcing this activity as some birds just don’t want to water bathe.

    Scott Echols, DVM, Dipl ABVP (Avian Practice)

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