I received the DVD this afternoon and sat down to watch it right way. My perspective comes from never having owned a “normal” companion bird. I have not seen the first two parts of this series.

The DVD: Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume III is an interesting and informative collection of different situations faced by a person looking into getting and caring for a companion bird.

It was great to learn what to look for in a store dealing with birds. Also, it is great to know that a vet checkup is one of the first things a new owner should get taken care right away to be sure the bird is healthy.  The first two chapters would help me a great deal if I was checking out places to buy a new bird friend. 

I found it most interesting to learn of the different types of nail grooming and feather clipping. It was interesting watching how each method is done so a person would know what to be careful of and the estimated correct place to trim the nails and clip the wings.

The section on DNA was really informative and interesting. I would never have known about blood work showing the different sexes. 


Virginia Moe, bird owner and lover

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