Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume III review

Okay, so the choice was to fight the crowds on Black Friday or watch your DVD. The choice was easy. 🙂

Overall, I have to say this DVD was very well done! The information was well-balanced and useful. For the most part, the delivery by the authors was very good. Probably the weakest link was Michelle’s on-camera delivery because it was a tiny bit stiff, but her narration was great.

The only thing I would have changed is where you showed the plucked Blue & Gold when talking about proper socialization. I get the point, but I think associating feather plucking with socialization is overdone. Feather picking is too often blamed on socialization when there are other more prevalent causes such as diet, disease, or lack of enrichment. More to the point, breeders are being blamed for feather plucking that happens later in life. Associating the images of feather plucked birds with the statements about proper socialization perpetuates a misconception about this being a primary cause.

The information on specialty stores and corporate stores was fabulous. I wish the information on beak trimming was mandatory for all bird owners and vets. The information on wing-trimming was very well balanced and accurate.

As an aside, I enjoyed the shots of the macaws flying in the wind tunnel in front of the green background. That looked like it was just a simple set up with a big fan. That would make a great treadmill for the right birds. I might have to try something like that in my studio for flight shots! Do you know how that was set up?

Well done!

Steve Duncan


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