Hi Scott,

Just watched the DVD with 3 senior students who are currently on a rotation with me.

It made me miss the level of clients and merchandise available in the US. I would wholeheartedly recommend this DVD to anyone considering buying a companion bird (and the students really want someone to make one about other pets as well). Sadly, or maybe not, following the recommendations in the first 2 chapters would prohibit people from buying birds here. I wish there was a way to make pet store owners and employees watch this DVD and learn form it!

The second two chapters are also very useful, I spend so much time discussing grooming with owners, and helping them decide if/when to trim wing feathers, only to have 90% or more of the post purchase exams I do be on already trimmed, barely weaned birds…. We need to find a way to get to potential owners before they make any decisions!

Thank you for producing this series, it is of great benefit to anyone who wants to gather information in a clear and concise format!

Dr Daniella Yaakov

Tel Aviv, Israel

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