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The Grey Parrot Anatomy Project has been actively running since March, 2013.  We need donations in one of two forms: money and birds.

While the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project was initially given a grant (to develop proof of concept) by the University of Utah, we have relied almost entirely on private donations for funding.

We need your help! Your tax deductible donation will do directly to the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project.

We need your help! Your tax deductible donation will do directly to the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project.

Private donations are tax deductible and allow for distinct advantages over traditional grant funding.  First, we are able to obtain and use private donations immediately and without restriction (as it relates to the project).  Grants generally are very competitive, take longer to fund and often come with limitations as to how the money can be used.  Bypassing these obstacles allows the researchers to focus on the work immediately.  Second, we don’t pull from the already limited grant system.  Funding for minor projects, such as this one where relation to human health is not immediately evident, has become quite limited over the past decade as a result of a series of budget cuts.  The primary researchers involved in the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project are all well-published and/or tenured and do not need this work for advancement of their career.  However, newer researchers do need grant funding to develop projects that lead to advanced degrees, promote student studies and more.  We do not wish to take money away from the multitudes of worthwhile research endeavors.  Last, a regular stream of private funding allows us to work uninterrupted.  While not fully funded for the project at the time of writing, we do have enough to keep the project running for several months.  More money will fill our total budget deficit and help us accomplish goals faster.  With the granting system, we would often have to wait for the complete financial need before beginning parts or the whole of the project.

Total Project Cost (3-23-14):        $ 193,540
Current Donations (6-3-15):       $ 75,950
Current Deficit (6-3-15):              $ 117,590Donate_Now

To make a simple online tax deductible donation, please press the ‘Dontate Now’ button:

Alternatively, you can mail a tax deductible donation to the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project.  Please make a check to ‘Department of Bioengineering’ with a note designating the funds are to go to ‘Hsu R&D Account for avian anatomy project’.

Checks can be mailed to:

Liz Porter
Associate Accountant
University of Utah
Bioengineering 3100 SMBB
36 S Wasatch Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Ph: (801) 581-8952
Fax: (801) 585-5361

The second form of needed donations is birds. Specifically, we need recently deceased Congo grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus erithacus).  The birds must show no to minimal decomposition and can be frozen.  Also, the birds can only be shipped within the United States (CITES regulations severely limits international transport of birds or their remains).  All birds will be treated respectfully.

If you would like to donate a grey parrot, please contact me (Scott Echols) directly at  Bird donors will be required to sign a release form.  The study will pay for shipping.

Thank you!

Thank you!