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Foraging is simply the act of looking for and procuring food. All animals forage and use a wide range of skills and behaviors to find food. Foraging is such a basal behavior that when deprived of the opportunity to look and work for food, animals develop stress and sometimes visible abnormalities. The following videos will hopefully help people better understand the sometimes dynamic and complex relationships behind foraging and why it is so important to create foraging opportunities for captive animals. Focus, of course, will be given towards birds.

Tool Use:

Humans do it… Primates do it… Elephants do it… And now we know that many other species of animals use tools. Most animals use tools as a means to obtain food. Not only does tool use require a certain degree of intelligence but also extra steps of cognition and abstract reasoning. The following videos will cover tool use in birds.

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Avian Studios has produced videos and images for select organizations. The following products have been produced for the Association of Avian Veterinarians ( and Lafeber Company (

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Avian Studios has produced a number of videos that may make you question our sanity. However, they were all completed with good intentions. Some have even been used as teaching tools. Select ‘entertaining’ videos from Avian Studios and other companies will be featured here.