Zebras and Wildebeest

125 Limited Edition

15 Artists Proofs

Available as 19“ X 32” Giclée Reproductions

Framed and matted reproductions available

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‘Zebras and wildebeest’ represents a small segment of the massive animal migrations in Africa. Both the common wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus), or brindled gnu, and common zebra (Equus burchellii), or plains or Burchell’s zebra, reside primarily within Southeastern Africa. After the rains stop, the herds of wildebeest, consisting of up to thousands of animals, search for greener pastures. The conspicuously admixed zebras are commonly seen within the wildebeest herd. The massive size of the herd likely provides protection against lions and other predators for both species. This painting was based on the superb photography of the Japanese born Mitsuaki Iwago.